About us

AMLED Training & Consultancy Private Limited presents itself as one of the blooming educational training & consultancy companies in India, headquartered at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. We offer varieties of programs under two verticals, Training & Development and Counselling & Consultancy wherein our high standards of quality in terms of well researched course contents and our passionate & skilled instructors make the difference and make our company stands out from others.  Delivery of such contents in a non-conventional way is another thing which keeps us unique in the market. Our classes don’t run just under a roof.  Our students go out and interact with people and nature outside the classrooms.

We conduct Training & Development Programs to enlighten skills in individuals for their personal growth and professional success.  We believe in enhancing ideas and concepts into trends.  We are passionate about consulting and innovation in education services and providing enduring results to our clients. We are poised to grow into a great as well as big successful educational trainer & consultant and of course seeing ourselves accomplishing our vision. We are proud and delighted to introduce our company and our capabilities to you.

Our Vision

Any founding stone of an organization is placed having a vision in mind. We too have vision in fact we have Visions.

  • We at AMLED believe in turning dreams into reality. And as rightly said by our former President Late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam: “Unemployability is a bigger crisis than Unemployment in India.”We have envisioned reducing the unemployability by training our students and delivering  them the skills that they require to meet the standards of corporate world today.
  • We at AMLED have realized that students in India are talented but have been misled or misunderstood. We want them to realize their hidden skills and talents and pursue their life by making right decisions at right time.
  • We also believe that the need of hour is to bring great reforms in education system especially in India. Ancient schooling system had been tremendous but tough. But there are some modern education model run in few countries which should be taken seriously. Hence we thrive to give India a parallel education system which can give progressive wings to Indian Education System where focus  will be on practical aspects more than theories.